This contract is an agreement between Saleco AS / Fjord Nutrition and the athlete submitting this contract electronically

Saleco AS
Oksnevad Ring 35

Saleco AS obligations:

  • Offer 60% discount on all Fjord-products based on Web-prices
  • Offer Free shipping on all orders to the athlete

The athletes obligations:

  • Promote and mention Fjord-products in a positive way to media and surroundings
  • Share 4 or more updates from Fjord´s Facebook-page annually



This contract starts at the time the athlete submit this agreement/form electronically.

The athlete agrees to send 3 photos and a quote of 2-3 sentences about how he/she uses one or more Fjord-products. The photos and quotes can be used on the website
Photo and quote needs to be sent within 4 weeks after submitting this form. Information is sent to

This agreement will run continuesly until one of the parties through a written notice cancel the contract. After one of the parties cancel the contract, the obligations for both parties will run for another 6 months before it stops.

In the case of a drugtest from WADA, or any national antidoping agency, is positive (A- or B test), Saleco AS can cancel the agreement immidiately. All delivery of product will stop and photos/quotes from the athlete will be deleted from the website.

Saleco AS confirms that all FJORD-products are produced in Norway and in facilities/machines that has not been used for medical products. The box and lid is also provided by a supplier the Norwegian Olympic Federation.

Saleco AS guarranty that the products are free of any illegal substances for athletes.

A copy of this agreement wil be sent to the athletes e-mail address provided in the form below.


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