Crampfix SUPERWARM 4-pack

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CRAMPFIX SUPERWARM is a further development of Crampfix and was developed for the heat during a World Championships in Biking in Qatar and the Olympics in Rio.


At high temperatures (above 20 C) it is usual that the composition of minerals in sweat change. Crampfix Super Warm is therefore strengthened by more marine sodium. It otherwise contains the same minerals as the usual Crampfix.


Crampfix Super Warm is also particularly suitable for indoor training / competition where sweat / water loss is often higher than abroad and for people who sweat a lot.


Crampfix Super Warm has been developed to ensure optimal signal transfer between cells in the body, improve fluid balance and reduced risk of seizures.


Net contents: 100 grams

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Less muscle cramps!
CRAMPFIX mixes the essential minerals for your body into one product, which sustains maximum electrical impulses in all your body’s cells. The experience of national and international endurance athletes suggests that CRAMPFIX be used as a daily supplement to ensure (1) sufficient level of minerals in an active life and (2) top performance in training, competition and other physical activity conducted in extreme temperatures.
20x20_clear More energy!
During training and competition, athletes are always eager to replenish their carbohydrate levels, but it is not only the amount of sugar an athlete consumes that determines their performance. Maintaining optimal hydration and mineral levels will help your body perform at a higher level from start to finish.


Low in mineral = High risk of cramping

 What is leg-cramp?


1. Leg muscle in resting mode 2. Contracted leg muscle 3. The leg muscle remains contracted

Magnesium is the electrolyte that the cells use to send information to indicate that a muscle should contract, whilst potassiumis used to relax a muscle. If the body lacks one of these minerals, a muscle will not relax after contracting – it is this phenomenon that is often experienced as MUSCLE CRAMP.


“Does is work? Extremely well  — top athletes who start using CRAMPFIX would never race again without it”.

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“I did not realize until the last couple of years how important minerals are for my performance. Not only does the Crampfix reduce my risk of musclecramps during competition and training, but my performance is just so much better in the finishing part of races!”

Alexander Kristoff

“I mostly use the product during extreme training sessions or during competitions which last more than two hours. I find I recover more quickly when I use the product”
“I use the product after interval training and before/after competitions. The products has an enormous effect, as I used to struggle with cramps during a run and stiff muscles afterwards”
“I am very satisfied. No sign of cramps, which used to cause me a lot of suffering during longer competitions. I have used Crampfix after daily competitions and also in connection with multi-day competitions. It really helps me restore the fluid balance in the body quickly.”olsen